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Meet the Pastor

Rev. John White

Rev John White.jpg

Rev. John White graduated with a MDiv from Yale Divinity School, served Westminster PC in Spartanburg, SC, Hopewell PC in Paris, KY, and Eastminster PC in Lexington for twelve years. He is active in the Presbytery serving on commissions & councils. He is a regular volunteer at Lexington Rescue Mission, has two married kids, and loves nature, travel, and history! 

Church Staff


Pat Alexander

J. L. & Betty Devine

Tara Barrett


Clerk of the Session

Jackie Corbit

*Elders serving on the Session, and of legal age, also serve as Trustees.


Class of 2021

Class of 2022

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

Sherri Howe Prigmore

Ron Corbit           


Helen Dedman

Trudy Sutherland

Lisa Gilbert

Doug Ferguson

Jack Prewitt

Nancy Hill

2022 Committee Chairs

Hospitality Committee:

Mission & Outreach:

Stewardship & Finance: 
Nominating Committee:

Property  Committee:

Worship Committee:

Jackie Corbit

Leslie Ferguson 

Leona Berg

Leslie Ferguson

Jackie Corbit

Leona Berg

Jackie Corbit 


Tim Prigmore

Sherri Howe Prigmore 


Pat Rockas, 859-605-6128, 859-227-5250, 859-613-7973, 859-227-5250, 859-605-6128, 859-613-7973, 859-605-6128, 469-260-5879, 859-552-8046                     , 859-279-8089

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